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Published Aug 05, 22
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Gohighlevel Review (2021) & Complete Set-up Guide - An Overview


Using Highlevel we can take care of our clients within one easy-to-use tool. No more need for separate software apps that we have to try tying together.

Tom P - December 17th, 2022
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So the very best method to do this that I understand how is you kind of treat these lists OK, as a place and go high level. So if you have a account, you understand what I'm discussing, what the locations which would hold true if they were all entirely various type of list, which these are.

They are completely different things. Now, if if if your list and get reaction are just for different things, however they're for the very same company, then I would advise utilizing tags and put them all put all of these list in the exact same place and I'll just tag them differently.

What I'm going to do is head over to go high level. I'm going to make a new account. OK, well, a new area. We're going to add an account here. I'm going to do a blank photo because I don't desire anything loaded here. And let me simply put in some details real quick.

Unless you have a particular situation like company name, don't really overthink it. Just do whatever is needed for the list that you move over, OK? And after you're done developing your location or new account, you're going to desire to head over to the contacts smart list page. Which's we're going to load whatever up in here.

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I hopped in here. I already have a few leads in here - all-in-one marketing platform. As you can see, there's seventeen hundred leads in here at the minute. Now what we have to do is let's go back over to get action genuine quick and we're going to export this list.

It's going to occupy everything here. And after that over on the best hand side, these three dots, you're going to have the export alternative. So we're going to export put in a name and then you're going to export in CSFI. OK, export brand-new file. All. And it's going to do its thing genuine fast.

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All right. And when it is done, then you hover over these three dots can hit download and it downloads the CSV to your computer. Now that that is done, we can head back over to El. OK, as soon as we're in, it's extremely, really basic. They make this simple. OK, all you do is come over here, hover over this import contacts.

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And as you can see it says file should be a CCSVI. That's perfect. That's precisely what we downloaded. All we do is go and discover the file. Upload it. All right. And now it is taking a look at the file at the various fields that get reaction offered us.

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OK, so I mapped all my fields. As you can see, I got a name email the indication up date. I'm going to include the notes of the contact that it's going to create IP. I went ahead and made that custom field so IP address it in country city, state postcode time zone, moving all that information over.

All right, then it reveals you a sneak peek of how things are going to be moved over, which is pretty cool. You make sure that you're doing it properly. Now, some of these have more data than others. If we struck another sample, you can see that this is all being moved over correctly.

All right. So whatever looks good to me. We're going to verify these mappings and strike continue. All right, then, this is the duplicate strategy, so if an existing contact remains in the spreadsheet, what do we want it to do? And you have various alternatives here. This is the recommended alternative is the one that I constantly do update them with the data in the file, however just for fields that are empty.

So if you currently have fields that remain in there, it's not going to overwrite them. It's only going to fill out fields that are empty. Sort of just update those other contacts that you might currently have. So will it continue? All. And now you have the option of adding a tag to all of these that you're moving in here.

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import, which is get response import. I understand if I see these individuals in here, I know that this was imported by me. All. This was that list. All right. That is it. And now we simply hit done. And I'm not exactly sure the length of time this will take since it resembles seventy 3 hundred e-mails.

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Fifty one hundred, one hundred fifty 2 hundred. I'll pause the video and then we'll be back here in a second. All right. In the list is performed in porting that took about. About eight or 9 minutes or two, and as you can see now, I have an overall of eighty 9 hundred and forty five records, so we only had about about two 2 hundred fifty duplicates, which is amazing.

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I can one hundred percent cancel my get action account now. Like I said before, that saves me seventy 5 dollars a month which is remarkable. So if you are questioning there is no limit with Gohei level, how lots of contacts or leads that you can put in here.

So everything's great to go. If you men have concerns, let me know in the comments below. If you men are searching for a solution like this, you want your own high level account. There is a link and description listed below as well. all-in-one marketing platform. If you do, go on and get it signed up utilizing that link, please let me know because I'll send you my bonus offers that I have for you.

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In this area of our Go Highlevel Evaluation, we will cover the main functions of what Go Highlevel does and what you can expect to centralize. If I needed to sum it up at least in the way that our agency utilizes it, Go Highlevel is a mix of Clickfunnels, Salesforce, and numerous SEO/review management platforms - all-in-one marketing platform.

Before I discuss how and why you ought to utilize Go Highlevel, I wish to share with you why you should not utilize it and who it's not for. While Go Highlevel is releasing major updates every month that add even more energy to the platform, there is one specific area where they're doing not have and will be for the foreseeable future.

Regardless of this downside however, thousands make the switch anyways as the software brings such a high ROI to the table that in the end it's totally worth it. Go Highlevel has numerous pricing alternatives, nevertheless, the company plan is the one you need to consider in our viewpoint. This package begins at $297/mo and provides you full access to their entire platform.